Executive Search for Health & Medical Organizations

National Executive Search for Healthcare & Medical Organizations

Scion Executive Search Healthcare and Medical Practice specializes in leading executive search for institutions advancing national and global healthcare.

From navigating intricate regulatory landscapes to spearheading innovative patient care initiatives, the right leadership can make all the difference for your healthcare or medical organization. At Scion Executive Search, we understand your world. We partner with hospitals, clinics, research institutions, and medical groups to identify exceptional leaders who fit your specific needs. Whether you require a dynamic CEO to chart a bold strategic course, a compassionate CNO to champion patient-centered care at the bedside, or a seasoned CFO to ensure financial stability, our deep sector expertise and national network connect you with the perfect fit.

We don’t just fill positions; we find leaders who embody your mission, inspire your team, and elevate your organization to new heights of healthcare excellence. Let Scion be your trusted partner in building a healthier future, one visionary leader at a time.

Why Partner with Scion for Your Healthcare Executive Search?

Healthcare Expertise: Our team isn’t just comprised of recruiters; they’re seasoned healthcare professionals themselves. Decades of experience in leadership, administration, and clinical practice equip us with an intimate understanding of your world’s unique pressures, regulatory intricacies, and nuanced dynamics. We speak your language fluently and navigate the healthcare landscape with unparalleled confidence.

Unparallel Leadership Mining: We employ a rigorous, multi-pronged approach that goes far beyond paper qualifications. Our targeted networking, sophisticated candidate assessment tools, and personalized understanding of your organization’s culture and aspirations allow us to unearth hidden gems – leaders with strategic acumen, clinical empathy, and unwavering commitment to patient-centered care that seamlessly align with your mission.

Powerful National Reach: Our expansive network stretches across the nation, connecting us with top talent across diverse healthcare specialties and geographical locations. This national reach ensures we can identify the best possible candidates, while our boutique approach remains laser-focused on your specific needs. From leadership style preferences to cultural considerations, we tailor the search to perfectly complement your existing team and organizational DNA.

Collaborative Partnership for Top Results: We actively engage with your search committee, deep dive into your strategic goals and unique challenges, and provide open communication throughout the entire process. This collaborative approach is a hallmark of our service and guarantees a seamless, efficient, and stress-free experience that flawlessly aligns with your vision for the future.

Proven Track Record of Excellence: We’ve helped countless healthcare organizations – from hospitals and clinics to medical groups and research institutions – find leaders who have revitalized patient care, spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives, and propelled their organizations to new heights of excellence. We’re confident in our ability to deliver the same exceptional results for you.

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We provide searches for the following roles and more:


  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
  • Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
  • Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)
  • President
  • Executive Vice President (EVP)


  • Director of Medical Services
  • Medical Director (MD)
  • Chair of Medicine/Surgery/Department
  • Attending Physician
  • Chief of Staff
  • Physician Lead
  • Nurse Manager
  • Nurse Educator
  • Clinical Research Director
  • Laboratory Director

Other Health & Medical Leadership Roles:

  • Medical Group Practice Manager
  • Home Health/Hospice Administrator
  • Public Health Director
  • Pharmaceutical Executive
  • Medical Device Executive
  • Healthcare Consultant