Interview Tips

Interview Tips

Scion Executive will help you find the perfect job. Acing the interview is ultimately up to you, but here are some tips to make the process easier!

Keys to a Successful Interview


30% of successfully interviewing is all about your enthusiasm, excitement, and energy.

-Smile and stay positive.

-Relax, but stay alert.

-Use eye contact.

-Be yourself.

Ask questions about the position, company and the interviewer. (Get them talking about themselves, and listen). Don’t ask questions about salary, commission, bonuses, vacations or anything else the company can do for you. Wait until you’ve received the job offer. Remain professional during the interview- don’t get too comfortable; this is a main reason why many people do not excel in final interviews.

30% of the interview is about showing that you have the skills and desire to conduct the responsibilities of the position.

Offer specific examples of prior work, and projects, or duties that relate to each question that is asked of you rather than general sweeping answers, without specific examples.  Use examples of responsibilities that relate to the employer’s area of expertise and the position you are applying for to show how your skills are relevant to the position.

30% of the interview is selling yourself.

Describe your skills. Communicate your passions that relate to the position you are interviewing for. Show them that you can get along with others and that you can address questions in an organized fashion. Be excited!  But, be sure to not dominate the discussion process.

10% of the interview is the close. Think of the interview as a sales call: you are the product.

Ask questions (prepare 3-5 questions beforehand). Overcome objections. Tell them your interest level, availability, and why you are a superior candidate. And this is the hardest part, take a deep breath and have fun! Candidates that enjoy the meeting get the job.

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Prepare For Your Interview

-Dress for success! We recommend that for all interview stages wear conservative professional attire.

-Research the employer and position you are interested in. While you research, prepare questions that you can ask during the interview of the company and position.

-Be on time. Do not be late and alternatively, do not show up 30 minutes early. You can make a trial run to the interview location the night/day before and then make sure you allot time for travel. If you arrive 30 minutes early, review your notes, check your attire, spruce yourself up, and then walk in 5 minutes before the interview time.

-Bring paper copies of your resume as well as a copy of your references. Additionally, bring a pen and notebook to takes notes during the interview.

-Make sure to fill out all applications neatly and completely – you are being judged on all steps in the procedure.

-Directly after any client interview, make sure to call your Scion Executive Recruiter to provide feedback on the interview. (All feedback is critical.)

-ALWAYS email, mail, or drop off a thank you letter with-in 24 hours, preferably the same day you interview.

We do not represent candidates that do not possess knowledge and passion about the position that they are applying for. Remember that not being prepared tells an employer that you do not respect their time.

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